Some people are completely content to stay local and never travel. Some people don’t understand why anyone would want to travel. Although I would never try to push someone into traveling, I would discuss why it is that I travel and what I get out of it.


A break from the normal routine

It is far too easy to stick with the daily routine, doing the same things all the time. For some people, this is comfortable and enough. But when you break from the regular routine, it pushes you and stretches you. Sometimes it is just that, a break from the normal chores and responsibilities. But other times, this break can be refreshing. To go out and just do what you want and see new things is exciting. And relaxing.


Out of your comfort zone

Traveling definitely gets you out of your comfort zone. This means different things to different people. For some, it’s just being away from your bed and your organized, predictable house. For others, it is pushing yourself to do daring, exhilarating things. For a lot of others, it is going somewhere you have never been and experiencing a new culture.


The more you travel, the more comfortable you feel while traveling. This stretches your comfort zone so that next time, you might push yourself a little further. You not only become more comfortable, but you gain self-confidence. Initially, this self confidence is that you can really get out there and travel. But it goes beyond that in other aspects of your life. You will be more likely to push yourself when at home or work, realizing you can do more than you thought you could.


To learn about and appreciate other cultures

Of course, if you travel somewhere out of your own country, you will likely learn more about a different culture. It is easier to do this when you get away from organized tours and talk with locals. But this all has to do with your comfort zone. Many tours show you what a culture is like.


It is too easy to stereotype people from afar. But when you travel somewhere, you learn more and often form a new opinion of a place. Again, this helps you grow as a person, and may help you become more tolerant.



I find that when I travel, I gain perspectives I never expected. Yes, I learn more about cultures and adjust my opinions accordingly. I talk with both locals and other travelers and learn about where they are from and see just how similar people from all over the world are. But I also gain perspective on events and people at home. This comes from the experiences had on a trip, but also from the distance. You know the saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” right? Being away from home makes you think about the people at home and what you do with your daily life while there.

An appreciation for home

And, lastly, although I love my trips, I often gain an appreciation for home when I have been away. It is nice to be in my own bed again. And to see my friends and family. And to get back to my favorite restaurants and coffee shops. It’s more exciting when you return home than if you were still going to those places all along. Things at home are fresh and exciting again.


Wrap Up

What do YOU get out of traveling? Comment below to share.

What Do You Get From Travel?
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