I know, who doesn’t want to be comfortable? But how many of us actually live our daily life in luxury? Probably not many of you who are reading this, if any. So why do so many people feel the need to travel in luxury? I do not know the answer, but I do know why you should NOT travel in luxury.

A hostel in Hawaii

Easier to Experience the Local Scene

When traveling in luxury, people too often stay in the resort for most of their time in a place. What is the point of this, unless you truly just need a break? If you want to get to know an area and what it is really like there, you have to get out among the locals. Most people do not live a life of luxury, so you need to go to the areas that are less luxurious.

Local market, Tangier, Morocco

When you stay in a hostel in town, or rent an apartment or house in town, you are already where the locals are. Or at least as close as you can be when you don’t actually live somewhere. When you aren’t staying in an all-inclusive resort, you are likely to go out to dinner where the locals are likely to go. And to walk the same streets the locals walk. Sometimes the locals will talk with you, too.


More Adventurous

Okay, staying in a resort is easy. Everything is taken care of for you. You know where everything is. Everyone speaks English. But what fun is that? Trying to communicate with someone whose first language isn’t English, though frustrating at times, is an adventure. You find ways to communicate through gestures, pointing, and using the little of another language you do know. It gets you out of your comfort zone, which is part of growing as a person.


When everything isn’t taken care of for you, you have to figure things out. Sometimes it is the local bus or train, or how the streets are set out. Other times it is figuring out where the place you want to go is. Yes, it can be difficult and, at times, frustrating, but it is part of the adventure. It forces you to talk with people for help and it feels really good when you finally figure it out. And, it gets you out of the predictable patterns of life, which is exciting. Lastly, it makes for good stories. I mean, talking about a predictable trip of lounging on the beach is kind of….boring. Sometimes people will envy you because they think it sounds enjoyable. But what else is there really to say about it?

Local festival, Cusco, Peru

When you travel on the cheap and figure things out for yourself, you have stories to tell. Stories of the wonderful people you meet and the kindness of strangers. Of ending up on the wrong train because someone thought you wanted to go to Victoria Park rather than Victoria Peak. When you find the error, you are able to laugh and know you have yet another story to tell. When you speak with locals for help, they often tell you of other places you didn’t read about in your research, yet they are amazing places you are so glad you didn’t miss. Sometimes you meet others who go with you on an adventure for the day, which only makes the experience that much better.

One man band, Salzburg, Austria

For those who are hesitant to get out of their comfort zone, it can be difficult to truly make them understand how much fun this is. Of course, it’s about taking small steps. As you get more comfortable, you can change your travel a little each time.


Easier to Meet People

I guess if you stay in a resort, you’ll meet other well-off tourists. But when you travel on the cheap, you are more likely to meet locals and other people like you. When you stay in a hostel, you are likely to meet other adventurous travelers as you prepare a meal or hang out in the common areas. When you go to low-key local hotspots, you are likely to strike up a conversation with anyone who is there – local or traveler. When you are open to new experiences, you are more likely to have unexpectedly enjoyable experiences and meet interesting people.

Hiking with a local, Innsbruck, Austria

More Money for Experiences

When you choose to stay in a hostel or inexpensive apartment rental, you save money. And this gives you more money to spend on experiences. For me, as long as I am safe and in a clean place, I am happy. I don’t need more. I would much rather spend my money on experiences. I only have so much money, and staying in an inexpensive hostel allows me more money to go out and see/do as much as possible in the location I am traveling in.

Riding an Icelandic horse in Iceland

Saving money on inexpensive lodging allows you to travel more. This should be a no-brainer. Who doesn’t want to travel more? Save money where you can so you can live the life you want.


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Why Traveling Cheap is Better Than Luxury Travel
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