Trip Advisor

When I want to know what to do in a location I am traveling to, or what others think of an attraction, lodging, restaurant and more, I check Trip Advisor. Here you will find reviews by real people who have experience where you are searching for more information. I don’t rely only on the star rating, because when you read a review, sometimes you will find that what someone did not like doesn’t bother you. Or that what someone is complaining about was situational such as a noisy hostel due to other guests. You never know who will show up each night.


I find a lot of posts of places I am going here. I find inspirational photos, useful lists, ideas for things to do, and more. And I can save links for later on a board specified to where I am headed.

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This is a good website to search for flights, hotels and cars. They search wide and far, helping you find the cheapest options. Unlike Expedia, they also search many of the smaller airlines. My favorite part? If you’re not sure where to go and just want to see where the deals are, instead of typing in a destination, type “everywhere,” “Europe,” “USA,” etc. It is free to use.

Rick Steves

If you are headed to Europe, definitely check out Rick Steves’ website. He has a ton of useful information about traveling and, in particular, traveling in Europe. He has guidebooks which are great, too. On his website he has print information, videos, podcasts and more. He also has a free app with walking audio tours and content from his radio show. The information is downloaded to your device, so no internet needed after the download.

Maui (Oahu, Kauai, Big Island) Revealed Apps

If you are heading to Hawaii, purchasing the app(s) for where you go is well worth the price. When I purchased my apps in July 2016, each one was $7.99. The same author publishes a guidebook, which is also good. But nothing beats having that information at your fingertips in an interactive manner. You can click on an area where you will be and see what there is to do, what restaurants are nearby, etc. You can filter by what you are looking for. When you have service, you can click for directions and the app will bring you there. I used these apps many times every day while I was in Hawaii. I also like that the author includes things an average person would want to do, as well as things a more adventurous person would enjoy.


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